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Oct 17, 2018

Are you certain that real estate investing is right for you?  
Do you have a powerful and motivating Why that will drive  
you to succeed? Are you confident you now know how to think  
like a successful investor? Now you are ready for the right real  
estate education. When the student is ready, the teacher ap￾pears.  
Real estate investing encompasses a vast ocean of infor￾mation that can be very intimidating and extremely difficult to  
consume all at the same time. The goal of this section is to  
simplify the many different facets of real estate investing and  
to show you how to understand such a large topic quickly and  
To use a fishing analogy, when trout fishermen are trying to  
assess where the fish are located at on a very wide river, they  
separate the wide river into many small streams. Some parts  
of the river may be fast and shallow while others slow and  
deep. Whereas looking at a very wide river can be very intimi￾dating and confusing, when mentally separated into several  
small streams, evaluating the river and finding the fish be￾comes much easier.  
We’re going to take that same approach here and segment  
real estate investing so that it is much easier for you to under￾stand the different facets, starting with the simplest segmen￾tation of all. The purpose of investing in real estate is to make  
money and you make money in real estate either now or later.

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