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Mar 25, 2019

Deactivate the wealth killer in your life,
time has a significant  impact on your capacity to create wealth. There are seven ways you can use time to kill wealth.

1) Time Spent Not Having Clarity about Life

The hardest things in life are hard majorly because they are not clear. Without clarity, there is no way to proceed further in life; your goals will not be clear, and your end result will be harder to achieve.

2) Time Spent Not Earning Maximum Income

Income is to wealth what blood is to your body. Without income, you cannot handle any financial responsibility, take risks, and earn more money. Time wasted not earning maximum income due to job loss, idle time, low paying job, or prolonged incapacitation affects your ability to create more wealth.

3)Time Spent Not Saving And Investing

Saving is the foundation upon which your investment house is built, and investing is the foundation upon which your wealth house is built. Without the discipline to set aside money from your limited income, you will end up broke having no financial muscle to invest. Without investing whether in a business or an asset, you truly cannot create wealth.

4) Time Spent Investing Without A Plan

You are never going to get rich by jumping at every new investment in town. Constantly making money and losing more than the money you have made is nothing but a charade.Wealth takes planning, growth and preservation. Investing without a plan exposes you to making emotionally biased decisions that will lead to regrets.

5) Time Spent In A Job

There is nothing that can destroy your capacity for solid and enduring wealth than being stuck in a job. The time wasted here reduces your capacity to earn a bigger and more permanent income. 
6) Time Spent Not Developing yourself

Knowledge is power. Without it, you can be deceived scammed or swindled. Knowledge is the only type of wealth that can never be stolen or destroyed. It stays with you, work for you and benefit you for life.

7)Time Spent Earning one source of income.

Wealth is Anti-One. Wealthy people do not have one of anything except their spouse.One type of asset, one Investmen, one  money, one income etc are all a high-risk way of living that luxury wealth fulfilled life

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