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Mar 06, 2018

My son believes he has money problems

And this has lead to many, many discussions on how he’s misusing the limited money he has. It’s also why I now have gray hair

Because my son doesn’t really have a money problem. He lives with his girlfriend and they both make decent money for two young adults. However, they claim to never have enough money. They are stuck in a vicious cycle living salary to salary. Always believing that they would have less stress if they just had more money. But that’s not really their problem

Their problem is they think money is the issue when it’s really their mindset that keep them stuck in this pattern

I’ll say it again, MONEY IS NOT YOUR PROBLEM

The problem is your thoughts about money or better said, your lack of creative thinking once you conclude that money is the problem or reason why not

A friend of mine just bought a brand new PRADO JEEP two days ago, and i ask her how is this possible at this time, many are experiencing economic and she said to me that, her real estate investment bought the JEEP for her

Friend, You need to change your thinking from "wishing and hoping" to "thinking and doing." You need to rewire your brain to understand that financial freedom must not be something that happens randomly for the fortunate few, but that it's something you specifically think about, define, and plan for continuously

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