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Why millions of Nigerians are not able to afford properties

May 22, 2018

In Nigeria, most people dream to own properties someday. It could be a land, an apartment, a duplex, an estate.

Whatever type of property, it is the dream of most people to own property in their lifetime.

The question now is

Why are millions of Nigerians not able to afford properties despite their dream of getting one?

There are various answers to this question

**But here are some of the reasons;**

• Lack of planning

• Lack of saving

• Lack of taking decisive action on time

• Fear of being defrauded

Most people claim they don’t have money and that is why they don’t own property yet.

But if such people check their spending pattern in the last 10 years, they will realize they would have had their own apartment now if they were wise and smart enough to save.

In order to help smart people, like you to have a substantial investment in Real Estate, Milano Properties was established.

You can be among the few smart and intelligent people with a substantial investment in real estate.

What is required is the right knowledge and information.

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