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Real estate

You Are Where You Live and Spend Time.

Apr 27, 2022

Everyone has a place of contact, where he or she can be found or reached no matter how temporal. In fact it has become a part of the identity verification process we use when we meet people.

Take for instance, when we meet people, after asking their name we want to know where they work, or where they live. We seek a place of connection to help understand people without asking too many questions.

Shows you how important where we live, work, school, worship, eat, shop and play is to life.

In Asia, people don’t view a house as just a place where they live but as a vital definition of who they are.

Come to think of it, places where we spend time have a way of defining us, and also in a way affect our character and way of doing things.

If you live in Lagos, you tend to have more value for time and preparation when you have to get to work or conduct business. Lagosians are famous for waking up early and almost always being in a haste.

We also know that it is perceived that life on the Island is high class as compared to the mainland of Lagos.

And this also reflects on how businesses make decisions of where they set up location for their operation and also how products and services are appreciated and valued.

Imagine the price of a plot of land or an estate in a place in Lagos mainland and compare to one on the Island. Usually it is expected that the one on the Island is higher in price.

With all the factors we may consider to invest in real estate, ranging from the quality and topography of the land to the community as well as title of the land and so on. Imagine owning a property close to the Seaport in Lekki, and the Dangote refinery right on the same Island that is already “revered”.

Getting a land on Ibeju Lekki, where the Dangote Refinery, the Lekki deep seaport, plus the Lekki international airport are located is obviously the way to go.

Opportunity for businesses to spring up, expand and make more money. Also is the opportunity for new residences and recreational facilities to come up.

So, if you need help identifying lands, estates, houses and apartments perfect for your needs, whether it is for you to live, raise a family, relax or do business check out

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