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Dec 23, 2018

*National Housing Fund Scheme (NHF)*

National Housing fund (NHF) is a Federal Government introduced scheme, to which all public servants and employees in the organised private sector within the country are expected to contribute 2.5% of their monthly salary to Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria, managers of the fund. Employees of various corporations who are active contributors to the scheme, can access the fund through Union Homes Savings and Loans Plc. Maximum of # 5 million at the rate of 6% interest repayable over a period of 30 years is obtainable under this scheme

*Requirements For National Housing Fund (NHF) Loan Scheme*
1)Account relationship with any mortgage bank
2) Be a contributor to the fund for at least six months
3)Have satisfactory evidence of regular flow of income to guarantee the loan
4)Apply on a prescribed mortgage loan application form
5)Submit photocopies of valid title documents (Cof O)
6)Approved survey/site plans
7)Approved building plans
8)Letter of consent to mortgage to Union 9)Homes Saving and Loans Limited
Priced bill of Quantities where applicable 
10)Valuation report prepared by a firm of registered surveyors and valuers where applicablee 
11)Offer letter / Acceptance and Allocation letter (In case of Governments projects)
12)In case of registered self employed, he/she must submit a copy of Articles and Memorandum of Association, and a copy of Articles and Memorandum of Association, and a copy of Certificate of Incorporation evidencing his/her employment status.

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